Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets review: have you decided that it’s time to pay closer attention to your retirement investments? As you get closer to retirement age, do you seek out reputable, reliable companies that can help you open a gold IRA? It’s a challenge because the industry has grown so rapidly that there are several ”bad apples” out there among the hundreds of players in this competitive business niche.

Fortunately, at least five companies stand out as being leaders of the gold IRA industry. They all offer different types of services and products, but each one has something unique for investors who want to hedge retirement portfolios against inflation and protect against an increasingly faltering national economy. Regal Assets is one of a handful do businesses at the top of this segment. Now that gold IRAs are more popular than ever, and thousands of working adults are realizing the advantages of opening self-directed retirement accounts with precious metals, our team went all-in and ran the numbers on Regal Assets.

Regal Assets Review: How We Evaluated them


Our team of researchers and business investigators had already heard of Regal Assets (RA) because the company has been around longer than most of its competitors, namely since 2009. That’s an eternity in the gold IRA industry. But even though we knew of RA’s reputation, we had never done a full-scale audit of the company. We examined things like online reputation, consumer service ratings, social media talk, reviews by current customers, the company’s fee schedule, their history, and dozens of other factors.


Our conclusions follow, and contain all the honest results of our endeavors. Our full report on Regal Assets includes the details of how they operate, the pros and cons of choosing them as your gold IRA provider, and what kinds of investors should and shouldn’t use them. Our researchers have no stake in the company and were not hired by them, or anyone, to do this research. We offer the Regal Assets review for our readers who need in-depth information about gold IRA companies so they can better choose one that meets their needs.

The Main Regal Assets Review Questions

Our comprehensive Regal Assets review is meant for informational purposes only. Even if you like what you see and think the company might be ideal for your financial needs, it’s important to do your own research. One way to begin is to simply phone Regal Assets and ask questions about their services, or whatever else is on your mind concerning gold IRAs.


Note: If you’re trying to find information about any pending Regal Assets lawsuit or legal actions, you won’t find much. That’s because there are no pending legal actions against it as of the time of this writing.

Finally, even though the preponderance of our research focused on gold IRA products and services, it’s important to remember that Regal Assets cryptocurrency IRAs are also available to all clients and have been on the menu of services since their introduction in 2017.

Take a few minutes to read our whole RA review and you’ll have a much better idea if they are the company for you. No gold IRA firm is perfect, and Regal Assets has a few minuses included in the list of pros and cons below, as you’ll notice. The key idea is to find a service provider, among the best ones, that is best suited to your investment goals.

Company Summary: Regal Assets (RA)

Regal Assets has worked hard to earn and maintain the highest BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating there is, A+, and is one of the exceptions among gold IRA companies because it not only offers precious metals but also cryptocurrency for self-directed IRAs.


They’re famous for their flat and low fee structure. The result of that arrangement is that clients don’t have to worry about paying higher fees when their investment amounts rise or when their accounts grow significantly. Plus, Regal was recently added to the prestigious listing of ”Inc. 500”Excellent Companies, which is a rarity for a gold IRA provider.


Since the company’s founding in 2009, they’re been at the forefront of the precious metals IRA segment, currently featuring a $5,000 minimum opening deposit. In addition to silver and gold, the company makes other selections available to self-directed IRA investors, like platinum, palladium, and cryptocurrency. All their metal storage is 100 percent segregated, so your metals are never mixed in with the assets of other clients. Known for their excellent customer service, Regal Assets is a consistent leader in its industry.

Credibility and Overall Reputation

  • Of all the similar companies we reviewed in the gold IRA segment, Regal came out on top in terms of reputation within the industry and popularity among the public. Consider the fact that with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), RA has only had four total issues within the prior three years. Every one of those complaints has been satisfactorily resolved between the company and the clients who filed them.
  • Regal’s BBB rating currently stands at the highest possible level, A+. Numerous other business rating organizations places Regal Assets at or near the top of their lists, including BCA, Trust Link, City Search, Trust Pilot, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Whenever businesses rank so highly on so many different kinds of rating systems and websites, there’s usually a good reason. Our best judgment is that RA is simply one of the best companies in the gold IRA niche and makes it a point to focus on excellent customer service.
  • Even when someone shows up with a very rare complaint, Regal Assets goes the extra mile to make things right, as evidenced by their BBB rating of A+ and resolved prior complaints.

Pros and Cons

With a few minor, almost technical exceptions, the following list of pros and cons for Regal Assets consists only of positive points. That’s to be expected for a business that is so concerned with making sure every client is taken care of from day one. However, just because it’s all good news, don’t assume that RA is the perfect fit for your own financial needs.

In a way, a gold IRA company is like a new car. Not everyone likes the same
things, regardless of quality. But all factors being equal, Regal Assets seems to have the bases pretty well covered. Here are the main pros and cons of their
business operation.


  • Even if you do a rollover from an existing IRA into a gold IRA, all the paperwork, bullion delivery to the storage facility, and full-scale account setup can be completed in between six and eight days. That’s an industry best.
  • RA does not scale its fees in order to earn more from larger accounts. In fact, no matter how much you invest, you’ll still enjoy the same, low, flat, competitive fees for the company’s services.
  • Customers can choose among several storage facilities and still get low-cost service and security at an IRS approved vault.
  • Regal Assets has a sterling reputation online, based on verifiable reports and comments. Even on social media outlets where all sorts of financial topics are discussed, it’s difficult to find a negative comment about RA.
  • Investors get the full menu of precious metals to choose from, including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. As well, RA offers four of the leading cryptocurrency assets for anyone who wants to diversity further.
  • New customers don’t pay standard fees during the first year their account is in operation. The company has offered this incentive for many years.


  • Some details about opening a new account are either unclear or not readily available on the Regal Assets website. However, it appears that the minimum startup balance is $5,000, which at one time was a piece of information you could not find on the sit .

Account Minimums, Storage, and Fees

The fees for transferring an IRA, or rolling one over into a gold IRA are $0. Shipping is accomplished within seven days of placing an order, which is an industry best. For the first year, customers pay $0 for administration or storage.
Then, once the year is up, there is a $190 annual storage and admin charge for accounts that hold precious metals. If you have other kinds of assets in your account, like cryptocurrency, then the annual fee is $230.
Regal Assets Review - Best Gold Companies To Invest In

How To Set Up a Precious Metals IRA With Regal Assets

Getting started is amazingly simple with Regal Assets. You begin by filling out a simple online form. Then, a Regal Asset account advisor will contact you and walk you through the account creation process, which takes about 10 minutes, even if you’re rolling over an existing IRA. Finally, you select your metals to fund the account and you’re done.


Regal Assets Review - Best Gold Companies To Invest In

Bottom Line: Should You Choose Regal Assets?

If Regal Assets sound like a good fit for your investment goals, you should note the following points. First, they do not employ pushy, rude, or high-pressure representatives. That’s not how the company operates. All fees, charges, and commissions are totally transparent. The bullion RA sells meets purity minimums set by the IRS and they only use IRS-approved and insured storage vaults. Based on our research, the company’s customer service is excellent. As gold IRA companies go, Regal Assets is a true standout.

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