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Noble Gold review: Are you looking for a company that can help you learn about how gold IRAs work without trying to sell you their services as soon as you contact them? It’s tough to do because there are quite a few dishonest companies in this competitive space, most of which are out to earn the highest commissions possible and sell you whatever they can.

On the bright side, there are at least a half-dozen providers of gold IRAs and related services that are completely honest and do their best to help customers prepare for a comfortable, secure retirement. Noble Gold Investments (NGI) is one of them.

Company Summary: Noble Gold Review


Before our Noble Gold review research team began to investigate Noble, we were already aware that they had universally positive comments on most of the major social media and review sites, but had not seen the evidence first-hand. In fact, even though our team has been examining companies in the financial industry for many years, we had never done an in depth, deep-dive on Noble Gold Investments.


To save our readers research time, and offer a more complete picture than most Noble Gold reviews do, we did our full scale analysis on Noble and came up with all the relevant data so you make your own decision about whether they’re the most fitting gold IRA company for your particular financial goals.


Our final Noble Gold review report follows. It contains various breakdowns of pros, cons, who should use the company, how Noble compares to its closest competitors, and more. Our team holds no financial interest in Noble Gold Investments, so our review is completely objective. We call things the way we see them and that’s all there is to it.

Answering Key Noble Gold Review Questions

We initially set out to answer questions like, ”Is Noble Gold Investments legit” ”What kinds of investors should use their services” To find those answers, we studied all aspects of the company, from top to bottom, including the entire listing of Noble Gold fees, the full menu of the company’s services, the offering array of Noble Gold coins, as well as how the customer service team interacts with new and existing customers.

Take time to read the entire review so you’ll be in a better position to invest your hard-earned capital in the most efficient way possible. Here’s a short overview of the company, followed by specific areas of evaluation.

Noble Gold Review: Best Gold Companies To Invest In

Noble Gold Review: Company Overview

Noble Gold Investments, a California-based precious metals company that offers a full array of IRA and related products and services, is not the best-known firm in this niche, but the company has clearly established itself among the retirement investing community since its debut in 2017.

Not only do they help customers who want to start new gold IRAs, but they also guide clients through IRA rollovers from traditional accounts into ones that hold precious metals. Their customer service teams are experts at what they do. They work quickly and accurately as they walk each new customer through paperwork, purchasing metal, storage, and total account setup.

One feature that sets NGI apart from the competition is their staff of financial advisors. Few gold IRA companies are willing or able to offer such advice. However, NGI not only offers it, they also include a buyback system for clients who decide to sell some or all of their metals. Account setup is quick and painless, the educational offerings are free and very good, and the company sells all four of the main precious metals (palladium, gold, platinum, and silver) so its customers have a choice.

Pros and Cons

There’s a lot to like about NGI, which is probably the reason that the company has done so well in the four years it’s been around. Compared to its top competitors, it’s definitely the newcomer on the block. However, NGI has provenĀ  itself fully capable in all areas of service within a crowded, extremely competitive industry. Here are the positive aspects of what they do:


  • NGI will buy metals back from new or established clients who choose to either downsize their IRA holdings or to get out of the investment niche altogether
  • Unlike most of its competitors, Noble Gold has a website that includes all the pertinent data and information that prospective and current customers need, including a full schedule of detailed fees and charges for their services
  • The customers service team acts quickly and gets new client’s accounts set up within minutes, ships metals to storage facilities within one or two business days, and sends detailed statements to each customer.
  • Unlike most gold IRA providers, NGI sells the four main precious metals, not just gold and silver. They also offer palladium and platinum for clients who with to diversity within the metals segment.


  • If you work with Noble, you must choose a U.S.-based storage facility. There are no international options available.
  • The company is relatively new, even though its principals have more than a quarter-century of relevant industry experience.
  • Noble Gold Investment’s BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is A-, which is not the highest possible. However, there are no existing complaints against the company, and the only one shown was resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

What Types of Investors Use Noble Gold?

Noble caters to several different types of investors. Primarily, their clientele consists of working adults who are getting near retirement age and who want to find a safe, secure way to build their wealth before reaching old age, as well as protect themselves against an economic catastrophe or a long-term bout of inflation.

New investors get a lot out of NGI’s extensive educational offerings, all of which are free and highly informative. But NGI also sells collectible coins and precious metals ”survival packs” to people who simply wish to acquire high-quality collector coins or have a ready stash of precious metals in the event of a major economic meltdown.

Noble Gold Review: Best Gold Companies To Invest In

Account Minimums, Fees, and Storage

Annual storage fees total $150. That cost includes segregated storage of your metals (not ”mixing” them with the metals of other customers) as well as insurance.The flat annual account fee is $80, but there are also annual custodial fees that depend on the size and kind of account you have. The minimum opening account balance is $5,000.


Unlike many of the other service providers in this industry, NGI works with a designated storage facility located in Texas. This relationship allows them to offer much lower storage fees than their competitors. Likewise, Noble Gold’s minimum account size is quite low compared to competitors. Overall, the grand total of fees that new and existing clients pay to NGI is very low, based on industry averages and what customers receive for the cost.

Opening a Gold IRA With Noble

The process is relatively seamless and rapid. Your NGI customer rep will walk you though the short paperwork phase, ask you what kinds of precious metals you prefer for your account, arrange for shipping to the storage vault, and then you’re all done. Current and past customers regularly point out how helpful the Noble Gold team is during and after account setup, a process which takes just about 20 minutes in all.


How Noble Gold Stacks Up Against the Competition

Noble Gold Investments is among the top five firms in this crowded, competitive
business niche. They’re obviously very good at what they do. A couple things
that set them apart include their full menu of precious metals.


Many competitors only offer silver and gold, so it’s nice to have a choice should you decide to include those metals in a gold IRA. Additionally, their fees are both competitive and transparent. Account minimums are realistic and low. Customer service is top-notch. All account initiation systems are online 24 hours per day. Client orders are filler very fast and metals are delivered to vaults within seven days of ordering.


The company’s incentive for new customers is to waive the fees during the first year the account is in existence. The NGI Texas-based storage vault is IRS- approved and highly regarded within the industry. Reps are honest and helpful with every client, and never use sales pressure to sell goods or services to new or established clients.

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