Who Are The Best Gold Companies To Invest In?

Wouldn’t investing be easier if you knew who the best gold companies to invest in were? Knew all the pros and cons of each, and what each one had to offer? Our reviews of gold IRA companies below, like GoldCo IRA precious metals, cover all the key points for anyone who wants financial security for their retirement accounts.
These unique forms of long-term savings can transform a typical retirement account into one that holds physical assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for maximum profit potential.

Which Would You Rather Have, Gold Bullion or Paper Assets?

The problem with so-called “paper assets” like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is that they are susceptible to total loss. What’s more, they only exist in an intangible account with your broker or bank. Investing in the best gold IRA companies is the way out of this dilemma for millions of savvy investors and working people.
Is your current IRA based on intangible shares of stock, investments in mutual funds you’ve never heard of, and bonds whose prices haven’t moved more than a few points in years?
Best Gold Companies To Invest In

Thinking of your long term Security?

Do you ever get the feeling, amid inflation and global economic uncertainty, that traditional stocks just aren’t getting the job done for your long-term security?
The good news is that you’re not alone. Every day, thousands of people discover the safety and security of investing in gold and silver IRA companies along with other precious metals. What’s the next move? Well, before switching from your old-style retirement account into investing in the best most top rated gold IRA companies, it’s essential to get all the facts.
Think about it: you can leverage the power of information in order to find the very best gold IRA companies or company for your situation, based on your financial preferences. There’s no better way to get started. Working from a position of knowledge is the ultimate power play. It’s also the smartest way to go about putting your retirement assets into gold IRA physical possession.

Getting Started with the Best Gold Companies to Invest in

Our research told us that the most common stumbling blocks people run into investing in the best gold IRA companies include not knowing how to get started, not knowing which gold IRA companies are the most top rated, and lacking a basic information base on the subject of precious metals (“gold”) IRAs.
The best gold IRA companies to invest in we reviewed and other information below offer everything you need to learn how to start saving for retirement the safe, stable way. We researched the top 100 gold IRA companies in this competitive niche to uncover the five best ones.
All the details are below, including a FAQ knowledge base so you can be totally informed about how gold IRAs work.
Best Gold Companies To Invest In

Best Gold Companies To Invest In #1:

GoldCo Precious Metals & IRA

Renowned all over the world for their amazing customer service, reasonable fees, and being one of the top rated gold IRA companies in this space, Goldco precious metals always makes the cut when people talk about the top two or three best gold IRA companies. They store any precious metals you want them to, whether for your GoldCo IRA account or not. Plus, new customers can begin with a GoldCo precious metals value of just $25,000.


Total fees run from between $170 and $230 per year and the company offers full service for GoldCo IRA clients. Goldco also sells precious metals directly to non-account holding consumers. For those who prefer to create a self-directed GoldCo IRA that holds cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Goldco works with a company called CoinIRA that can set you up with a crypto-specific IRA.


  • With more than 100 years of total combined experience, their team is one of the most qualified in the industry.
  • They have an A+ BBB rating.
  • For three years running, the company has received no official complaints on BBB or BCA sites.
  • Industry-wide, and among consumers, the company is known for its top-notch customer support.
  • They spell out all their fees on their website, all of which are quite competitive.


  • If you prefer a huge menu of options for precious metals products, you’re out of luck with Goldco.

Best Gold IRA Companies To Invest In #2:

Birch Gold Group (BGG)

Operating since 2003, BGG is an online-only affair based in the state of California. They sell metals to the public and to IRA account holders, and their offerings include all four of the precious assets, including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. The management has made a point to focus on customer service and to help those new to gold IRAs figure out how to set up accounts quickly and simply.
The website’s educational resources are simply excellent. Unlike other gold IRA companies, all staff members can help new customers decide about which metals and combinations of metals are a good choice for new IRAs. If you have any questions, the reps will give you a full, honest response.


  • With 15 years of successful operations under their belt, they also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • BGG is known for having extremely low fees.
  • If you want a bit of direction about where to store your gold and whom to use as a custodian, BGG will offer recommendations along with selling you the precious metals with which to fund your account.
  • The managers of BGG are focused on helping customers learn about investing in precious metals. Their website has one of the best knowledge bases there is.


  • All custodial storage facilities are U.S.-based, which means you have no options for international vaults, should you so desire.
  • It’s hard to find the setup fees listed on their website, but overall, BGG offers some of the lowest fees in the gold IRA niche.

Best Gold Companies To Invest In #3:

Augusta Precious Metals

Another one of the top-ranked best bullion companies by just about anyone’s standard of measurement, Augusta Precious Metals has very low fees but a relatively high account minimum. Annually, you’ll pay just $180 for account services but will need $100k to open a gold IRA. For most new applicants, all first-year fees are waived.

This one of the best gold IRA companies to invest in has been in business for almost a decade and prides itself on having helpful, friendly reps who are willing to educate newcomers to the precious metals world.

Whether you need one of the best gold IRA rollover companies or are setting up a brand-new IRA, their account reps will walk you through each step of the process. In fact, they will do the paperwork while you speak with them, which means your account gets set up quickly and flawlessly.


  • On social media, Augusta Precious Metals is a beloved entity, popular with young and old investors. They have an A+ BBB rating with zero complaints.
  • Augusta Precious Metals does it all: gold IRA storage of precious metals by two vaults they have been working with for many years, delivery of all your metals to the vaults, sales of precious metals, and trustee oversight of your gold IRA account.
  • New account holders pay no fees for the first year.
  • They work with two of the most respected storage vaults in Canada and the U.S.
  • APM will buy your metals back if you decide to sell any or all of them for whatever reason.


  • You can only buy silver and gold for your IRA. Augusta does not offer palladium or platinum.
  • Though you can’t put them into a gold IRA, Augusta sells silver and gold collectible coins.

Best Gold Companies To Invest In #4:

Regal Assets

Regal has earned the top BBB rating of A+, and is one of the few top rated gold IRA companies that allow its customers to place cryptocurrency into their IRA accounts. The gold IRA company is known for having low fees, and the entire fee structure has been set up to be relatively flat. That means account holders don’t pay more when they invest more. The listing of Inc. 500 excellent companies has included Regal on its listing.

In operation since 2009, Regal requires new customers to have $5,000 to open a gold IRA. They offer not only gold, silver, and cryptocurrency but also palladium and platinum. They are one of the few competitors in this niche to offer fully segregated storage, meaning your precious metal assets are never mixed with those of others. They have a solid track record for top-notch customer service and are beloved by their customers on social media.


  • In under seven days you can have your entire account up and in full operation, no matter whether you did a gold IRA rollover or opened a new IRA.
  • No matter how large your account grows, the fees will not go up. They are one of the few among gold IRA companies that do not do any “scaling” of the fee structure.
  • Account holders can opt for several storage facilities rather than just one, which is typical in this industry.
  • This top rated gold IRA company has one of the most positive online review reputations, based on numerous verifiable sources, real customers, and impartial reviews.
  • In addition to gold and silver, Regal offers several other popular alternative investments for clients who want to take advantage of tangible IRA assets.
  • In addition to fees being competitive, Regal waives first-year account fees for new customers.


  • The company website is a bit unclear about minimums, and a few other startup details.

Best Gold IRA Companies To Invest In #5:

Noble Gold

With top-ranked customer service and a wide array of gold IRA services, Noble Gold is making its way to the top of the industry slowly but surely. Not nearly as well-known as other best gold IRA companies to invest in on our review list, Noble nonetheless performs with speed and accuracy when assisting new and established clients.
They do gold IRA rollovers and set up brand new accounts as well. Unlike most other gold IRA providers, Noble has a team of professional investment strategists on hand for customers who want solid advice about building long-term wealth with precious metals IRAs. They offer a buyback program for customers who wish to sell metals at any time, and offer very rapid account setup, comprehensive educational resources, and have all four precious metals on their menu of assets you can place into a gold IRA.


  • Whether you are brand-new to Noble or have been a customer for years, the company has a buy-back provision should you decide to sell your metals or downsize your IRA account holdings.
  • The company website is extremely detailed and includes all the data you want to know about fees and related service charges.
  • Compared to competitors, the Noble team acts quickly to create and set up accounts, and to ship metals to storage vaults.
  • You can buy any of the four precious metals in a Noble account, namely gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.


  • There is no international metals’ storage option. All account holders must store assets in U.S.-based vaults.

Frequently Asked Questions of Gold IRA Companies

The following are some of the best gold companies to invest in questions we hear most often from people who are thinking about starting precious metal IRAs.

What are gold IRA tax rules, in general?

Gold IRAs are subject to most of the same tax rules as other IRAs. That especially applies to whether the account is categorized as a Roth or traditional (pre-tax) IRA.

The main difference is that a precious metals, or “gold” IRA is self-directed, which means you can choose what goes into it, and you can place physical gold, silver, palladium, and platinum into it.
When you make withdrawals, you’ll have to pay tax at ordinary income rates if your gold IRA is non-Roth. If it’s a Roth, then you won’t pay any tax whatsoever on the withdrawals.
Is a gold IRA a good investment?
We aren’t investment advisors, but for millions of people protect their long-term wealth by choosing to set up an account with one of the best gold IRA companies and making annual contributions to it.
A large part of the benefit, or what makes it a “good” investment is knowing which gold companies to invest in when it comes time to set up your precious metals IRA. As is true in every industry, there are better and worse choices, so taking time to choose carefully can make a gold IRA a very good investment for most people.
What is the best gold IRA?
It’s only natural to want to know about the best gold IRA companies to invest in. However, choosing among the top providers is a bit like buying a new car. Each company has its unique set of offerings for clients, so a lot depends on your preferences
about things like annual fees, which kinds of metals you can put into the account, and gold IRA storage options.
Knowing which are the best gold companies to invest in is a matter of doing some research, making a few phone calls to test out customer service, and checking out the detailed list of top providers we listed above
Does USAA have gold IRA accounts?
No. USAA only has two routes for investors, and neither one involves gold IRA physical possession of metals. USAA works with Charles Schwab and Victory Capital, both of which offer more traditional IRAs that hold nothing but mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
What are the most common gold IRA pros and cons?
People have different financial situations, so there’s no universal list of pros and cons. But, for the most part, the biggest plus is gold IRA physical possession.
No other IRA lets investors place precious metals into a storage vault and call the account an IRA. The other pro is the total freedom investors have about what they want to put into the account, how much they want to contribute, and whether they want a combination of precious metals in it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to gold companies to invest in.
As long as you do research and choose one that suits your needs, setting up an account is a quick and simple process.
One of the negatives is that account holders must usually pay an annual storage fee as well as a fee to the trustee for maintaining the account. However, keep in mind that many non-gold IRAs you set up through a bank or brokerage company come with various fees.
What are IRS rules about how to own gold in an IRA?
You can’t just go to any bank or financial institution and set up a gold IRA. The IRS rules specifically state that you have to use an approved custodian to store the precious metals.
Additionally, account holders must work with an approved trustee, namely a company that sets up and maintains the account records.
Finally, there are precise definitions about the purity of any of the metals you put into your gold IRA. For instance, gold bars must be at least 99.5 percent pure, while silver bars that go into the IRA must meet an even higher purity standard, which is 99.9 percent.
Why can't I just store gold at home or in a safe deposit box at my bank?
Short answer: because it’s against the law. Longer answer: the IRS wrote the gold IRA laws so that account holders would have to use a third-party provider for verified storage in a safe location.
This is one of the unique aspects of gold IRAs; there are physical assets involved, which means the tax authorities need to know how much is actually stored in the account at any given time. The only way they can do that is to make you use an IRS-approved storage company.
Is there a short explanation about how a gold IRA works?
Instead of paper assets or a cash account, the IRA holds actual precious metals. A gold IRA, except for this feature, operates just as a traditional IRA does.
You earn interest or realize gains on the assets in the account, and then make withdrawals after you reach retirement age. Of course, there are the same penalties for early or improper withdrawals.
Does Vanguard charge fees for IRA services?
Technically, Vanguard does charge a $20 annual account setup fee for IRAs, but you can side-step the fee very easily. Simply sign up for their email notification list and they’ll waive the fee, leaving you with a no-fee IRA.
What are typical gold IRA costs?
Every company has its own fees and charges, some of which are waived for new accounts or for accounts with high opening balances. In general, there are fees for account opening and account maintenance by the trustee, who does the paperwork.
There are storage fees charged by the custodian, the company that actually stores the metals. Finally, you might pay a markup to the metals dealer who sells approved metals to you for placement into your account. Dealers sometimes also charge a fee for shipping the metals you purchase to the custodian’s location.
How much can I invest into a gold IRA?
For 2021, the most you can contribute to any IRA is $7,000 (per person, per year) IF you are already 50 years old, or older. If you are not yet 50, your maximum contribution amount is $6,000 per person, per year. Note that married couples can each donate their individual maximum amounts to their own accounts.
What is a gold IRA rollover?
Rollovers are quick transactions that a trustee can help you with. Simply put, you reassign the assets in your current IRA, whatever kind it is, into your new, gold IRA.
Many of the top gold IRA companies perform this service every day for thousands of investors who feel the need to move all their IRA assets from one account into a self-directed, precious metals retirement account.
Are gold IRAs only for older investors?
Of course not. In fact, the younger you are when you open a gold IRA, or any IRA, the better. Retirement accounts operate on the principle of compound interest and long term capital appreciation. For cash accounts, interest is the main way the balance increases over the years.
For gold IRAs, capital appreciation of the metals is the way the account balance grows. Obviously, the longer you hold any of the four precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, or platinum) the greater the chance of compound-value growth. Gold IRAs can be excellent investment vehicles for people of any age and any income level.
What percent of my retirement money should be in a gold IRA?
Rollovers are quick transactions that a trustee can help you with. Simply put, you reassign the assets in your current IRA, whatever kind it is, into your new, gold IRA.
Many of the top gold IRA companies perform this service every day for thousands of investors who feel the need to move all their IRA assets from one account into a self-directed, precious metals retirement account.

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